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Three Dosha


Ayurveda seeks to know the aspects of life both subjectively (internal) as well as

the objectively (outer).

According to Ayurveda the functioning of the body, can be understood as the

interaction of three fundamental energies called doshas. The three energies are

vata, pitta and kapha.

Vata rules respiration, circulation, elimination, locomotion, movement, speech,

creativity, enthusiasm, and the entire nervous system.

Pitta rules digestion, metabolism, vision, complexion, body temperature, courage,

cheerfulness, intellection and discrimination.

Kapha rules growth, lubrication, fluid secretions, potency, patience, heaviness,

fluid balance, compassion, and understanding.

In the human physiology these three energies interact in a harmonious way to

govern and sustain life. The functioning of these energies depends on each person's

unique DNA. This is constitutional typing is called prakruti. Pakruti helps explain

why people react differently to the same things.

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