Ayurveda world comprises a group of excellent professionals from the field of Ayurveda. The common goal of these professionals are nothing but create awareness about ayurvedic treatment as well as the scientific knowledge about the same globally. Such a goal helps to identify the challenges experienced by all ayurveda practitioners around the world and providing accurate solutions. By all this hard work, the professionals would like to bring effectiveness in the ayurvedic treatment sector. Creating an awareness related to the holistic treatment method will help practitioners in day to day life. Rectifying the challenges of each practitioner will increase productivity. 


Health for all through

natural means


Ayurveda  World



Dr Naveen Kumar

Dr. Naveen is one of director of Ayurveda World. He is an ayurveda practitioner and trainer, as well as he,  do practice in Melbourne.


Dr. Sajimon George

Dr. Sajimon George is the director of Ayurveda world. He owns Ayurclinic and is practicing in Melbourne.


Dr. Manjot Garcha

Dr. Manjot is the director of Ayurveda world and own's Essence Ayurveda and practices in Melbourne.


Dr. Jyothi Kunnatheri

Dr. Jyothi is the director of Ayurveda world and practices in Melbourne at Ayrwoman

Dr Yashaswini Bharadwaj

Dr. Yash is international coordinator of Ayurveda world. She practices & teaches at Rhita Ayurveda in Australia/India