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Ayurveda World Member Benefits

Ayurveda World

Become a member today to play an active role in shaping the future of Ayurveda in Australia. Let us all join hands to create an empowered Ayurvedic community to nurture the growth and presence of Ayurveda in Australia.

General Members Benefits – Ayurveda World

This is a general membership for all individuals interested in supporting, increasing or bringing awareness in Ayurveda.

Any person of general public may join Ayurveda World.

Only requirement is that you must be an enthusiast of Ayurveda or interested in learning more about this science.


  1. Member’s special price tickets for workshops, events, seminars, lectures organised by AW.

  2. Newsletter with educational articles, latest research in field of Ayurveda.

  3. A platform to engage with community for health and wellness awareness.

  4. Access to Yoga events, workshops, classes

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