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Jude Mayall


Jude Mayall, owner of OutbackChef, is an industry advisor, author of The OutbackChef cookbook and a regular guest speaker and educator.   Her talks and cooking demonstrations celebrate the power and beauty of Australian native bush flavours as well as embracing the rich history and the importance that these outback bush edibles play today in shaping dishes that are uniquely Australian.

Jude is currently working, thru OutbackChef, with the indigenous community at Maningrida, Northern Territory creating products using a lot of the fruits and berries that are wild harvested on community land. She has worked with the indigenous children at Tiwi College on their healthy eating program “Taste It, Do It, Live It”. She has given talks and curated art exhibitions featuring the artwork of the Aboriginal people of Australia illustrating their cultural connections and the spiritual significance of wild-harvested bushfood.

Jude gained a lot of knowledge about bush tucker through her involvement in Aboriginal art and working with the artists.  She learnt about the Dreamtime stories, depicted on canvas in vibrant colourful shapes and designs, showing country, food hunting and gathering, the importance of the elements and the spiritual significance of what was represented.  These paintings not only increased her knowledge, but also fuelled a desire to go further with Australia’s native bush food.

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