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Dr. Jayagopal Parla

Professor Jayagopal Parla is an internationally known speaker, educator, and practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine and Yoga with extensive clinical, and teaching experience. Professor Parla is BAMS, MD (Ayu) qualified. He also graduated from a Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program at Southern California University of Health Sciences. He is a certified Yoga therapist. He is the Founder and Director of Athreya Ayurvedic Integrative Health Centre, Long Beach; and the Founder and Vice President of Athreya Herbs, an American based provider of Ayurvedic herbal formulations. He also teaches at Southern California University of Health Sciences, Mount Madonna College of Ayurveda, and Kerala Ayurveda Academy and serves as a visiting faculty member at the Japan School of Ayurvedic Medicine. His additional work on behalf of complementary and alternative medical approaches includes extensive travel to foster the growth of Ayurveda worldwide and numerous presentations on Ayurvedic medicine at various national and international conferences.

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