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B.A.M.S, MD, PhD

Dr. S. Ajayan

Dr. Ajayan was born and brought up in a family practicing traditional Agastya Marma Sastra or Marma (vital energy point) therapy. Dr. Ajayan is qualified in Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) and M.D. (Ayu.). In 2012 he completed his PhD in Dravyaguna (Ayurvedic Pharmacology). His fields of interest are Agastya Marma Sastra, biodiversity conservation and Ayurvedic ethno-medico-botany (study of medicinal plant materials used by indigenous peoples). He has carried out ethno-medico-botanical surveys across several states in India collecting and documenting information and conducting research. He also teaches at various Ayurveda colleges in India and on various platforms internationally.

His most recent publication is titled Panchamahabhuta classification of Dravya (classification of substances according to the five elements). He also participates in various conservation programs and is the seed bank founder & seed collector for Sree Keshavan Vaydyan Memorial center.

Presently he is working as Professor in the Department of Dravyaguna Vijnana (Ayurvedic Pharmacology) in Kerala, India.

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